Cherry Cheesecake **Private Reserve**


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The hybrid strain dubbed Cherry Cheesecake offers consumers the delicious scent of sweet cherries and dark chocolate with a potently dank twist. When broken up, its buds emit a cheesy overtone with fruit lingering in the background which also expresses how it tastes.

The buds of this strain look snow-topped as crystal trichomes cover it and lighten its colorful tones. Orange pistils poke out from its green and violet buds, making it fun to look at.

Some consumers of this strain say that its a great choice for relaxed social environments. They have found that while it has the effect of easing the mind of stress and ridding the muscles of tension, the mind will wander only far enough to start the next conversation. Whether attending a cannabis lounge, theater, or other entertainment, this strain has been noted as being great for keeping the mind active in its environment.

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